What We Can Learn from Tiger Woods’ Win at the 2019 Masters Tournament

by Sam Slater
Crystal Brook Commercial, LLC

Whether you like sports or not, whether you like golf or not, and whether you like Tiger or not, his win on Sunday at the Masters was truly an historical event from many perspectives.  His accomplishment can be a great lesson for all of us in both life and business.  Here are some takeaways from his win.

  1. Success is never assured.  No matter how much success you have achieved in the past, future success is not guaranteed.  As the old saying goes; success is never owned, it’s rented, and rent is due every day.  Tiger worked hard for this win.  All those past wins were not a substitute for the hard work required to get him back to this level.
  2. Believe in Yourself.  Never listen to the naysayers.  Sports commentators virtually from every sport have been saying right along that Tiger would never win another Major Golf Tournament.  From his perspective he must have heard this negative sentiment every day, from every direction.  He learned to tune it out and chose to believe in himself over everyone else.
  3. Mental toughness is key to success.  Tiger has certainly had his fair share of setbacks, both personal and physical.  He developed a mental toughness early on in his life that has served him well and allowed him to persevere through the tough times.
  4. Experience counts.  Tiger is no longer the most physically gifted golfer in the field, due to age and injuries.  However, the importance of his experience on the Augusta course cannot be overstated.  When multiple golfers made the same mistake over and over on Hole #12, Tiger did not make that same mistake.  His experience served him well as he used it to his distinct advantage in taking over the tournament on that hole.
  5. Have a love and respect for your craft.  Tiger loves the game of golf.  Tiger respects the historic significance of the hallowed ground at Augusta.  His love of the game drives him to be the best and fuels his fire to win.  He respects his craft by having the dedication and resolve to become the absolute best he can be.

Congratulations Tiger!

Think of the possibilities we could enjoy in business by applying these same principals each and every day.  I challenge you to apply these to your situation.

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